Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well, we're still in Delaware. I have posted some pictures of the snow we had a few days ago. Andy and I really enjoyed our walk through the neighborhood that day! We will be going home one day this week - not sure which day just yet, but sometime this week! I hope the pets haven't forgotten us!

Andy and I have been having a good time here, though. On Friday we took the day off from work and school to just go everywhere we wanted and spend the day out. Can you believe it?! I'm actually driving places here! We went to all three outlet centers, a different shopping center, an EB Games (for Andy, of course!), and then we went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. Andy had the veal parmesan and I had stuffed shells. GOOD STUFF!!! We were tired when we got back, but we had a great day. Tomorrow we plan to explore the library here, and I'd still like to go to the state park where they have the towers that were built for lookouts during World War II. Since we just happen to be studying WWII in history right now, I don't want to leave without doing that. Actually, the weather is supposed to be nice this week so we may head down to the beach again on this visit. I don't mind driving to the beach at this time of year because the parking is free and there's hardly any traffic, but in the summertime we'll take the bus like we did last year. Parking is expensive during the summer, and you're lucky if you can even find a space. There's a bus stop almost right at the entrance of the community here so it's easy to ride wherever you want to go.

Anyway, off to clean and finish laundry. It is easy to clean this place - there's hardly any stuff, (i.e. clutter) here! In the almost three weeks we have been here, I have learned that there is probably A LOT of stuff I can do without at home! The square footage of the trailer here is about the same as the square footage of the upstairs of our house at home, so in theory I should be able to clean them in the same amount of time, right? No, not when there's a ton of CLUTTER to work around! Well, off to do stuff!


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Be Carefull some with big feet is following you. Or was those prints left by you?

  2. Those footprints were ours, and those big feet were Andy's! The kid wears a size 11 shoe!



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