Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Now for some catching up.......

Tom enjoyed his first day of college. The only problem was that there was a nasty thunderstorm following him all the way down the road and he was trying to get here before it did! There was a tornado watch also, so we were a little concerned about his journey home, too. He arrived at about the same time the thunderstorm did, so didn't get caught in it. Andy and I made him a cake to commemorate the occasion of his first day of college. Andy decorated it - and yes, he meant to use that grammar on the cake, incorrect as it may be!

Dinner around our house is usually at 6:00 (or thereabouts), except now on Mondays we have it at 8:00 so Tom can eat with us. The time change met with a few groans at first until I offered to make sandwiches for the offended persons at around 4:00 on Mondays to stave off their hunger until 8. Anyway, yesterday Tom called to let me know that he would probably be a little late. He said that the Metro stations and the surrounding areas were packed with immigration protestors and it was very slow going.

One of these days I am going to get back on the treadmill. One of these days. This spare tire around my middle is really bugging me now.

I was looking through some homeschooling materials I had used when we homeschooled Tom (I told you I am a packrat!) and came across a workbook on Life Skills for Middle Schoolers which included such things as budgeting, working, nutrition, cleaning, and other neat stuff. I was looking through the nutrition portion of the book because there were some pages I wanted to use with Andy and I started looking at the pages Tom had completed way back when and reminiscing. Evidently I must not have looked too closely at the work Tom had done because I found where he had drawn a food pyramid, complete with pictures and labels. He had everything in it's proper place - including a drawing of a pear labeled "Mom-shaped pear" under the fruit and vegetable category. Nice. Can't fault him for honesty though, can I?!

I have given Andy an interesting assignment. He has started a blog and is required to post on it at least once a week. This is part of his writing assignment. He seemed to not like the idea at first, but then asked if he could post more than once a week if he wanted to. So far he has only
posted his first post which was when he created his blog, but the posts are due on Thursdays so there should be another forthcoming. He hasn't given me permission yet to post a link here to his blog, but I will as soon as he lets me. Blog shyness, I guess!

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