Monday, February 20, 2006

The Art of the Deal

We have been very busy and I haven't blogged in a while. We spent a lot of time looking online and comparing prices on vehicles before we made the decision whether to get another one or not. I mentioned in a previous post that it was a want-versus-need thing - well, the "want" won out! We did a lot of internet shopping - getting quotes from dealerships all around, and once we got the best price we could find, Jerry bargained with them for three more days before finalizing the deal. He's a shrewd shopper! He and the salesman went back and forth with figures and deals and on the last day they were dealing back and forth over the telephone with calls going back and forth with offers and counteroffers! The good part about it was that we weren't desperate for the new vehicle, and so we had already decided that, good as the price might have been, we would walk away and keep our old Tahoe if we didn't get what we felt was fair for our trade. That's why the dealing took so long. Anyway, we were happy with the way things turned out. Now watching Jerry deal with the real estate people when we're ready to buy in WV should definitely be interesting!

We have also been busy getting Tom's stuff in order. There is a LOT of paperwork that needs to be done for college, and we aren't finished yet.

Andy's school work is going well, but it's a little difficult. This particular curriculum is a little advanced and we find ourselves having to go back to pick up on things that we missed with the previous curriculum in order to make sense of what we're doing now!

Today is our 24th anniversary, but we're really not doing anything noteworthy. Jerry worked on the basement (finishing drywall and painting), Andy did schoolwork, Tom worked on the website he's doing, and I worked (what else?!) Maybe next year for our 25th we'll do something special, but the simple things we did today with everyone here, then sharing a big lunch together, was just fine with me .

I'll try to blog a little more consistently as it seems like things are slowing down a little around here!

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