Sunday, August 14, 2005

What a boring weekend. A wonderfully boring weekend! Actually, I did a lot of cleaning this weekend. I actually scrubbed my kitchen floor with a scrub brush - on my hands and knees! That is not how I usually clean the floor (although those who really know me know that I usually don't clean the floor at all!) But we won't mention that. Anyway, it needed a serious cleaning. My knees are very sore, but the floor looks great! Yesterday it was the bathroom. Thoroughly. Ugh. Now the rest of the house still looks like a cyclone went through it, but I'm making some progress.

We got a course booklet from the local college the other day. They are now offering many courses online and devoted a large portion of their catalog to their online course offerings. However, one course in particular caught my eye. It is an online course called Using the Internet. Hmmm.....shouldn't you kind of already know that before taking an online course?!

Andy's history and geography materials came in. I think we are both looking forward to starting school. Now we are waiting for his math to come in, and then I still need to order his foreign language course (he chose Japanese). I wasn't able to order that with everything else and needed to wait for another pay day! Homeschooling is wonderful, but definitely not cheap!

This has been a great day. My floor is clean, there are brownies baking in the oven, and Andy is cleaning his room (without even having been asked!) Life is good!

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